“What if I train my people and they leave? What if you don’t train your people and they stay?”

What does RecruiterFit offer?

RecruiterFit offers training programmes both online and delivered in house to provide recruiters with the skills and techniques they need to create/build a healthy and sustainable business.

  • In-house training can be specifically tailored to your individual and business needs.

  • They can be designed to minimise the impact time away from desk.

  • In-house programmes offer the chance to interact, ask questions, practice and receive direct constructive feedback and guidance.

  • Programmes can be designed to be used in conjunction with the RecruiterFit videos.

  • Each video is clearly named so you know exactly what to expect and each one lasts no more than 25 minutes (75% below 15 minutes).

  • They all start with an explanation of what will be covered, followed by clear instruction and finished with recommended actions to implement.

  • These videos can be used as part of your on-boarding/induction of new starters as well as refreshers for existing recruiters even if they have been trained previously.

  • They can be viewed whenever you want – from your phone, tablet, PC, at work, on the move or at home.

  • The RecruiterFit videos can support managers who don’t have the time to perform training, particularly when they have personal targets to achieve.

Whether you are a one person business just starting out or an established business with multiple recruiters then RecruiterFit can provide you with ‘no nonsense’ recruitment training.

Find out how RecruiterFit Works

RecruiterFit in a Minute

A series of short sharp videos explaining how what we do to get personally fit links to what we do as recruiters to get RecruiterFit.

Video Library

A comprehensive list of training video sessions available online to get your people RecruiterFit.

In House Training

Courses available for delivery in-house that can be delivered and specifically tailored to your needs.

Alan is the best recruitment trainer I’ve ever worked with! Having had the pleasure of working with Alan as both a trainee and a manager, I’ve found Alan to be able to work with all levels of recruiter, breaking down the recruitment processes into simple to digest sessions and also being able to dig in deep where necessary with account and desk planning.

I highly recommend Alan to anyone looking to build and train a high performance recruitment team.
Jay Gohil, Managing Director – XL Engine