Response Handling Tools

Whether you’re new to recruitment or experienced but a little rusty on certain types of call, like BD, then this is definitely for you.

“How do I get better at response handling?” is a question I get asked a lot when running training sessions.  With some companies, the trainers or managers will often try to help you with role plays (which many people don’t like – can’t think why?). This helps you to get better at dealing with situations when on the phone. It gives you confidence and immediate feedback.

Some training providers will provide you with training manuals with examples of responses in the booklets, which aren’t all that user friendly.

“So, what’s an alternative to role plays and reading through training manuals?”

I’m glad you asked and that’s why I’ve developed a set of on-line response handlers that you can practice with to get familiar with the responses or use when you’re actually on the call.

You can have them open as a separate screen/tab on your laptop/PC or have it open on your mobile. Then you can simply navigate to the appropriate set of responses by clicking on the relevant response tab required.

Having this tool to hand whenever you need it will help you to build confidence when dealing with all manner of gatekeeper, client and candidate responses.

Simply click on the ‘Buy response handling tools’ box below and follow the prompts to gain access. Good luck!

If you already have a RecruiterFit package these tools are free for you to use.
If you don’t have a package you can buy access for £25.


Dealing with gatekeepers


Handling client objections and questions


Dealing with Retainer specific objections and questions


Managing candidate responses and getting more from the calls