Response Handling


4 tools have been developed for your use:

Gatekeepers do a great job at protecting people you are trying to get through to.  They will often try to reject you or ask you questions that may put you on the back foot.  This set of response handlers deals with the most common types of responses you are likely to face.

Client objection handling is something that you will need to get good at and clients will have some pretty standard phrases and questions they use to try and get you off the phone or not work with you. This set of response handlers will help you to manage most of the situations you will face. 

Client objection handling (Retainer specific) as above but this time the objections or questions are specific to anyone trying to pitch retainers

Managing candidate responses is also something you need to get comfortable with and this set of responses will deal with most of the more common ones.  This tool also helps you to remember how to ask for referrals, generate leads and switch the call into a BD opportunity.