Alan ‘Da boss’ Clarke

Managing Director

Alan is our clear thinking strategy man who is often seen thinking about the strategy for getting his golf ball on the fairway.

Hobbies include rummaging through the undergrowth and keeping his excellent team motivated.

Alan ‘Show me the money’ Clarke

Finance Director

Alan is our money man, he spends it and then cannot remember what he spent it on.

Hobbies include following Martin Lewis on Twitter and collecting foreign coins.

Alan ‘You can’t say that anymore’ Clarke

HR Manager

Alan keeps us all in check and is for ever re-inventing the appraisal system, job descriptions and employee manual. He is the most important person in the office and we know this because he tells us everyday.

Hobbies include watching TED talks, listening to ‘Metal’ and painting with watercolours.

Alan ‘Is it switched on?’ Clarke

IT Director

Alan looks after anything that has a power supply and is always on hand with helpful diagnostic questions like “can you see a red light?” and “can you see a green light?”

Hobbies include Lego, Jigsaw puzzles and Origami. (Old school, no electricity needed)

Alan ‘Do it list’ Clarke

Office manager

Alan holds the office together, he always seems to know exactly where the hole punch is and has an uncanny knack of knowing when to order toilet paper.

Hobbies include watching DIY programmes and learning how to declutter your home.

Alan ‘Sleepy’ Clarke

Health and safety, GDPR, IR35, Press liaison, Equal Opportunities and Internal Politics Officer

Alan has his own office and the door is always shut.  We see him occasionally when he wants to deliver another edict and then he disappears back into his office.  Strange man.

Hobbies include ten pin bowling, paint balling and taking photos of lamp posts.

Alan ‘FFS laugh!’ Clarke

Events co-ordinator

Alan is somehow always busy, he has an amazing collection of fancy dress outfits and is always booking venues for office parties, lunches, team building events and meet ups. His next priority is getting people to actually turn up!

Hobbies include going to Centre Parcs and spying on other offices to see what makes their staff happy.

Alan ‘PMA’ Clarke

Wellbeing officer

Alan is our motivational guru who is probably the most annoying person in the office. He never snoozes and never moans, he’s just not human.

Hobbies include depressing other people with his dad jokes and designing his own T-Shirt range with positive life affirming slogans on.

Alan ‘Mines a peppermint tea’ Clarke

Tea boy!

Alan is an essential cog in the wheel and the only one that can remember everyone’s tea and coffee preferences without referring to a list.

Hobbies include reading the Argos catalogue and scouring the job boards.

Alan ‘Entertrainer’ Clarke

Trainer extraordinaire!

As the name suggests, Alan is our key player in the team and his main responsibility is delivering world class entertaining and incredibly beneficial training programmes to anyone in recruitment.

Hobbies include continually thinking up ways to embarrass himself using social media.

Georgina ‘Brighten up your day’ Clarke

Company Secretary

Georgina (Georgie) has a multifunctional role that involves being everyone’s confidant, agony aunt, spiritual advisor, natural empath and relationship builder. Oh and occasionally posts letters.

Hobbies include family, cooking, Facebook, watching period dramas and being an absolute rock to her idiot of a husband.

Alan ‘Pin up’ Clarke

No title as yet

Alan is often seen walking around without his shirt on doing a ridiculous pose, trying to convince himself and others that he has something to show off.  We don’t know what his actual job function is and we don’t even know if he’s on the payroll.

Hobbies – none of us know, he’s an absolute enigma!